Call for African Nova Sotian Artists and Writers

Andrea Tsang Jackson Amelda's Paryer

The Secret Codes (Exhibiton Expansion

Deadline: Mar 31, 2023

Popular BANNS exhibition exploring African Nova Scotian quiltmaking history and  traditions featuring old quilts (1930-1960), popular traditional patterns, Underground Railroad Patterns, contemporary abstract patterns, picture quilts designed by artist/writer and exhibition curator David Woods.

Call for new submissions 

BANNS is seeking submissions from African Nova Scotian quiltmakers of:

  • Original designed quilts reflecting African Nova Scotian experience and 
  • Quiltmakers to create new works based on original exhibition designs provided by BANNS 


  • Older quilts especially 1900-1950 period  
  • Community heritage and commemoration quilts
  • Family album quilts
  • Quilts with interesting story connections to an African Nova Scotian personality, event  or community
  • Any exceptional or unique quilt created by an African Nova Scotian quiltmaker

Submit 300 DPI, 3” wide image along with quiltmaker/lender contact information by Dec 1, 2022 to