Black Artists Network of NS (BANNS) Relaunch of 40 Places Called Home Competition

40 places called home

Relaunch Feb. 20, 2023

African Nova Scotian Community Research Competition for Fb users 

Apply from Feb. 20 – to Jun 31, 2023 | Details and online entry form 

Competition goal: Create a 50 post Fb page on a selected African Nova Scotian Community (past or present)) 


Best Overall Community Page 

First place $2,500 

Second place $1,500  

Third place $1,000  

      Category Prizes ($100 plus certificate)
    • Best Historical Photo Section  
    • Best Contemporary Photo Section 
    • Best Community Achievers Section 
    • Best Community Chronology of Events Section 
    • Best use of graphics 
    • Best representation of community folklore  
    • Best representation of community art and crafts 
    • Best representation of creative literature 
    • Best use of videos 

    Funding sponsor African Nova Scotian Affairs (ANSA)