About the Competition

BANNS is re-launching 40 Places Called Home an online Community Knowledge competition with over $5,000 in prizes.

Contest task: Create a Facebook page portrait of an African Nova Scotian community past or present.

New rule: Entrants can be an individual or team of up to 5 persons.

Apply by February 29, 2024


Best Overall Community Page

  • First place $2,500
  • Second place $1,500
  • Third place $1,000

Category Prizes ($100 plus certificate)

  • Best Historical Photo Section
  • Best Contemporary Photo Section
  • Best Community Achievers Section
  • Best Community Chronology of Events Section
  • Best Use of Graphics
  • Best Representation of Community Folklore
  • Best Representation of Community Art and Crafts
  • Best Representation of Creative Literature
  • Best Use of Videos

Communities represented in the project:

  • Africville
  • Amherst
  • Antigonish
  • Bear River
  • Beechville (Beech Hill)
  • Birchtown (Annapolis Valley)
  • Birchtown (Guysborough)
  • Birchtown (Shelburne)
  • Boylston
  • Bridgetown/Inglewood
  • Brindley Town
  • Cherry Brook-Lake Loon
  • Dartmouth (Crichton Av., Prince Albert Rd.)
  • Digby (Acaciaville, Conway)
  • North Preston
  • East Preston
  • Fall River
  • Glace Bay (The Sterling)
  • Guysborough Rd
  • Hantsport
  • Halifax (Northend)
  • Joggins
  • Kentville (Aldershot, Gibson Woods, Sheffield Mills)Lequille
  • Lincolnville
  • Liverpool
  • Lucasville
  • Manchester
  • Monastery (Rear Monastery)
  • Mulgrave
  • New Glasgow
  • New Waterford
  • Sackville (Cobequid Rd, Maroon Hill)
  • Shelburne (Birchtown, Port La Tour)
  • Springhill
  • Sunnyville
  • Sydney (Whitney Pier)
  • Truro
  • Upper Big Tracadie
  • Upper Hammonds Plains (Pockwock)
  • Weymouth (Danvers, Hassett, Southville, Weymouth Falls)
  • Windsor (Three Miles Plains, Panuake Rd, Newport Station)
  • Yarmouth (Greenville, Pleasant Lake)



This competition is open to all Facebook users, with no geographic or race restrictions. However, teams must be composed of at least 1 person with a connection to the selected community being profiled (birth, family, residence, long-term social association)


What is the Definition of Black community used by The Competition?

For the sake of this competition, an African Nova community is defined as a current or former geographic location in Nova Scotia where Blacks resided or currently reside over an extended period of time and where a physical institution created to serve that community was built (church, community hall, school, social/political building, business center)


How to select a community name

Teams can select an individual community within a municipality or county

e.g. Lake Loon, East Preston, Cherry Brook, North Preston


The municipality or county that contains specific community or communities e.g. Preston


Other examples:

Individual communities Lincolnville, Manchester, Mulgrave, Sunnyville or municipality/county- Guysborough.


If a team selects a community not included in competition’s approved list of Black Communities, entrants must provide clear and verifiable proof of their selected community’s existence prior to submitting application.  Contact admin@banns.ca.



Required Content Postings


Entries that do not provide the required number of postings (5) will be dis-qualified from the competition. Note a posting may be comprised of a photo image without text.


Required postings are:

  • Community profile summary (short text on community’s past and contemporary history)
  • Community chronology of historical events (community’s beginning to present)
  • List of important community achievements (3 minimum)
  • Profiles of important personalities (3 minimum)
  • Contemporary photographs of community (2 minimum)
  • Historical photographs of community (2 minimum)
  • A piece of artwork, craft, recorded music, poem or other literature inspired by or from the community (1 minimum)
  • Photographs of significant physical structures in the community churches, school houses, community centres, monuments, graveyards, oldest home, community organization buildings etc. (2 minimum)
  • Community folklore story (1 minimum)


Page usage

BANNS reserves the right to use content from page submissions for a 2 year period to promote the aims of the competition. Teams will be credited whenever their specific info, images are used


Use of original videos, photographs, research

Original videos, photographs, words, research will be highly valued in competition valuation


Posting of Winning entries

BANNS will post winning competition pages on Fb as well on BANNS website by June 30, 2024


Posting of Team Entries outside of BANNS competition

Teams can post their own entries online if they choose anytime after February 29, 2024.  However their postings cannot be identified under the 40 Places Called Home moniker or be titled under their selected competition team names. (Rebuild page under a new heading)


Competition Postponement, Cancellation

BANNS has the right to postpone or cancel competition if insufficient entries are received and for unforeseen circumstances. In such a case all submitted entrants will be informed via email.


Competition Steps

Task: create 50 post Fb page on your selected community

Step 1

Submit completed application by midnight February 29, 2024


Step 2

Once application is approved, an individual private group FB page will be assigned to your team by competition administrators. This private page will be administered by BANNS and will not be open to the public.


Step 3

All team members send membership requests to assigned private group page


Step 4

Each team will name a maximum of 2 members as page co-administrators


Step 5.

Once all members are signed in to team’s Fb page, and team administrator(s) approved, team to begin creating page content to February 29, 2024 deadline.


Step 6

BANNS competition adjudicator will review all team postings. The following content items will be ‘red-flagged’ indicating they will not be accepted for final submission:

-Openly plagiarized material, quotes not credited to its creator

-Inaccurate, disputed, unverifiable information

-Photos, art should be accompanied by sources and/or permissions from creators

(Adjudicator will accept a DM message from artist Fb account)

Details for ‘red-flagged’ content

-Groups can appeal the rejection of a post via email challenge sent to admin@banns.ca. Provide a detailed explanation of why material should not be rejected.

-BANNS adjudicator has the right of final approval of all submitted postings

-BANNS adjudicator will indicate ‘red-flagged’ content (by underlining) but will not correct info.


Step 7

As the competition adjudicator will be checking on postings for accuracy etc., it is advised for teams to post content as they go rather than waiting to post close to the deadline date on June 30, 2024. Waiting to post content close to the deadline date eliminates your team’s opportunity to correct ‘red-flagged’ information.

Remember that content ‘red-flagged’ after the final page submission will be expunged from the submission and this may affect eligibility (if content expunged is one of the required postings)


Step 8

Make final page submission by midnight June 30, 2024, by completing all 50 postings and arranging order of postings as desired.

At 1 am July 1, 2024 your selected Team administrators will be removed and your team will no longer have access or be able to view your entry page.




Apply by February 29, 2024

Click here to apply