INSPIRE is a multi-disciplinary creative arts program (competitions, workshops, public presentations) for African Nova Scotian youth 15 – 25 years of age.

B Space Gallery & Arts Centre

A new arts space combining an art gallery, theatre, rehearsal studio and artist resource space at 2091 Gottingen Street near Halifax's downtown. New space is open to BANNS members and the general public. B Space features a regular program of art exhibition, artists presentations and workshops as well as special performance events.

Preston Cultural Festival

The Preston Cultural Festival is an annual celebration of the arts, culture and people of the Black communities in the Preston area (North Preston, East Preston, Cherry Brook and Lake Loon). It is the largest Black community in the Maritimes. The Festival features a multi-disciplinary program of activities including art exhibition, gospel concert, storytelling, drama and literary presentations. Festival performers come from Black communities across Nova Scotia with guest performers from across Canada and around the world. Festival performers also provide workshops to local schools during the time of the Festival. The Preston Cultural Festival is the only Black arts festival in the entire Maritimes.

African Nova Scotian Quiltmakers Initiative

In 1998 BANNS mounted the exhibition In This Place - Black Art in Nova Scotia. It was the first collective art exhibition to present the artwork of AFrican Nova Scotians. Part of that exhibition featured quilts from the African Nova Scotian community. In 2002, BANNS mounted the exhibition When Black Women Usta Fly. The first collective African Nova Scotian quilt exhibition.